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Business Partner Opportunities


Business partner opportunities are based on Australia's most prudent business model “We Grow Together”


Dr. Kulatungas’ business concept of “We Grow Together" was developed when he was interested in setting up an accounting practice and speaking to number of recognized and starting accounting firms. Most of these firms were requesting a minimum $15,000 up front franchise fee and further monies for establishing the business resulting in a capital injection of $50,000 to $75,000. Finally he decided to established this accounting practice Tax and Accounting Services Australia. Now he is keen to share his business acumen with other CPA/CA accountants wanting to establishing businesses around Australia.


How does “We Grow Together” business model works:


  1. CPA/CA qualified accountants with good network are identified around Australia.
  2. dentified professionals will be interviewed followed by reference check
  3. Identified business partners are encouraged to commence business using a home base office in order to minimize initial cost of     setting up the business under their own ABN.
  4. Contract will be signed between prospective business partner/s and TAS-Australia for 5 years.
  5. Prospective business partner/s should PAY an up front fee which covers legal, software and administration expenses.
  6. TAS- Australia and prospective business partner will share REVENUE on an agreed terms
  7. An email address, business card template and business logo, copies of tax agent REGISTRATION, public practice certificate and business registration will be provided by TAS-Australia
  8. An AUSKey and access to business software will be provided by TAS-Australia
  9. All tax and Accounting work will supervised by a State Manager appointed by TAS- Australia
  10. All client fees will be invoiced centrally copying to respective business partners
  11. Marketing should be done by prospective business partner and all marketing materials will be screened by TAS-Australia
  12. Profile of prospective business partner/s will be posted in TAS-Australia’s website
  13. All prospective business partners are required to adhere to code of conduct and best practices of CPA, CA and Tax practitioner’s board.

If you are an accounting professional with CPA/CA qualification/s, and your plan is to establish a tax and accounting practice, Please Contact;


Dr. Kulatunga

1300 421 570
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