Financial Strategies

Personal Strategies

We all have hopes and aspirations – to purchase a new car or a better house, to put the children through university or college, or to attain financial security and a comfortable standard of living in retirement – but realising these goals requires careful planning.

In particular, this means:

  • Setting specific goals – short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial and personal goals.
  • Making a plan – to achieve these goals
  • Implementing the plan – and routinely revising it from time to time to reflect changes in circumstances

Business Strategies

4 out of 5 businesses started today will not be around in 5 years’ time. Of those that survive, only 1 in 5 will survive the following 5 years.

You only have 3 ways to grow your business are by:

  • the NUMBER of your clients;
  • the AMOUNT of units your clients buy from you
  • the FREQUENCY at which your customers buy from you.