Tax Refunds

Get Your Tax Refund with Highest Level of Confidence

We know that completing your tax return and getting your tax refund can be a stressful and time consuming process. We’re here, with our industry leading expertise, tools and processes, to take as much of this burden away as possible.

Our professionals can guide you through the experience step by step to make sure you get the maximum tax refund with minimum hassle.

Typically, our clients progress through the following steps:

Meet with a TAS- Australia Tax Consultant to calculate your income, tax deductions and rebates

Use our checklist to determine which documents to bring to your 45-60 minute appointment

Tax Return completed and reviewed

TAS-Australia tax consultant will discuss your calculated tax refund estimate and ask you to check your tax return

TAS-Australia payment options discussed

If you’re happy, you can pay for your tax preparation straight away or, for added convenience, choose to have the fee Paid or get invoiced that you can do a bank transfer. Your total refund will be credited to your bank account nominated by you.

We double check and then lodge your tax return with the ATO

Your tax return is double checked by a Registered Tax Agent for tax law compliance and 100% accuracy and then submitted to the ATO.

ATO sends you a Notice of Assessment

Typically within 2-3 weeks if there are no issues identified with the return,

but can take up to 30 days depending on ATO processing times.

Our service doesn’t end with the preparation of your tax return.

Should you be audited, we’ll help you respond to all ATO inquiries at every step of the process, you’ll have access to your Tax Consultant at the office or via phone and email to answer questions and keep you updated on your tax returns status.